Indra's Models

Forest Fire

Burning down the forest!

Simulates fires starting and spreading through a forest. Burned out trees are replaced by new growth, which after aging are suseptible to catching and spreading fire.

Abelian Sandpile

Who knew sand could be so colorful?

Described here.

Sandpile video from Numberphile.

Wolfram's Automata

Triangles upon triangles.

Stephen Wolfram's Wolfram code. This model handles all 256 automata that Wolfram describes.

Segregation Model

The city is splitting up.

Thomas Schelling's famous model of how extreme neighborhood segrgegation can occur, even if no one has a preference for such segregation.


We model wolves chasing sheep and sheep avoiding wolves in a meadow. The animals may reproduce. Once a wolf is near a sheep, it eats him.

Adam Smith's Fashion Model

In the fashion scene, there are the trend-setters and the trend-followers. Trend setters do not want to look like followers, but followers do want to look like trend setters.

Game of Life

An implementation of John Conway's game of life.