Our UX Theory

Team target

Our team aims to design and build a user-friendly interface for the website. Our work covers design, refactoring current pages and gathering feedback.

What is a good UI?

A good UI gives customers good experience when they visit the website. What makes a great UI? Apart from fast response speed, first, it is crucial that all visitors, with or without specific background knowledge, can understand what the interface is talking about, like what to fill in this blank and where this button leads. Second, important pages, like index pages or sub-index pages, should be accessible from any other page on the website(by adopting a navigation bar, for instance). Third, UI style should be consistent across all pages to strive for smoothest transition when users walk across our web pages. Also the style should be adapted to most users' comfort that font, background and other elements won't cause negative feeling of customers. We have gathered some guide and documentation for UI design, And you can find it in the link page.