Our Monitoring Implementation

This page will describe our monitoring implementation.

Google Analytics

    Steps :

    • Step 1 : Sign Up for Google Analytics from here. In this form , you need to fill up the details about website.
    • Step 2 : Once you are done signing up, you'll get the Tracking ID. Along with the Tracking ID, you'll also get Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code under PROPERTY. You need to put the code in the HEAD-tag of all the webpages you want to track. You can also add the code to some file and simply include that file on all the webpages.
    • Step 3 : After adding the code to each and every webpage you want to track, you should be able to see data about your site in a couple of hours. You can see Real-time data such as number of active users, their locations, the device from which they are accessing the website etc. Moreover, you can also see the reports of user activity with respect to time for past week, month and year. You can also see most frequently visited webpages from pageviews.

Here's some example from our Website :



    1. Login: The first step is to login to the Status Cake Account. To get the login details please contact Professor Callahan.
    2. Create a Contact group: Click on create group on the menu on the left. Give a name for the group. This group will be alerted in case the website goes down. There are different ways alerts can be received like email, mobile or using an application. The next step explains how to create the Slack Integration.
    3. Slack: To receive alerts on a Slack channel we need to integrate StatusCake with Slack. Generate a webhook URL. Select slack as the 3RD party integration. The Alias field cannot be left blank, its necessary to fill the field.
    4. Create a New Test: Click on menu on the left side and select new test. Enter the url you want to monitor. You can add a contact group for the test. This group will be contacted in case of alerts.