Testing/CI Tools Comparison

Polish software testing championship

It is essential to understand the difference between CI and CD before we move to comparisons.
Continuous Integration (CI) is about everyone merging code changes to a central repository multiple times a day. "Each merge triggers an automated build and testing sequence for the given project. Continuous Delivery (CD) is a practice of automating the entire software release process. The idea is to do CI, plus automatically prepare and track a release to production. The desired outcome is that anyone with sufficient privileges to deploy a new release can do so at any time in one or a few clicks. By eliminating nearly all manual tasks, developers become more productive." ( https://semaphoreci.com/blog/2017/07/27/what-is-the-difference-between-continuous-integration-continuous-deployment-and-continuous-delivery.html )

Here are some of the major testing/continuous integration tools and their features:

We have chosen Jenkins as our continuous integration tool because:
a) It gives us various options to customize with plugins
b) It is windows compatible (Many students in the class use the windows platform)
c) It has amazing amounts of resources and a great community