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DevOps Interview Review

Due to an increasing demand of experienced and recent grads in DevOps fields, it is crucial to understand different sections of DevOps field. Below is the list of interview question that can be expected by a candidate. The list is made keeping in mind different areas where DevOps engineer would likely spend their time.

Linux Based Interview Questions

  • Start and stopping of Services
  • Displaying environment variables
  • Piping concepts
  • Load Distribution on server
  • Server Status Commands
Software Delivery

  • Different Deployment strategies (Canary,rolling, Blue/Green)
  • What is CI?
  • What is Continuous Deployment?
  • What is Continuous Delivery?
  • How to reduce time to deploy the code?
Git Version Control

  • Different Version Control
  • What is Git Flow?
  • What are different branching strategies?
  • What are Git Submodules and Git Subtrees
Cloud Technologies

  • What are different Cloud Based Service Providers?
  • Benefits of using the Cloud Services?
  • What are the procedure to connect to remote EC2 Instances?
  • How are the media files stored in the cloud based DB?
Theory Questions

  • What is the difference between CI and CD?
  • Explain situation where DevOps was helpful?
  • Is DevOps change in the culture of company or is it the change in software delivery?
  • System Design Problem?
Container Questions

  • Why do we need to containerize our application?
  • What are Docker Sample Use Cases?
  • How do Docker help in scalability and distribured computing?
Database Questions

  • What is the difference between NoSQL and SQL?
  • Explain the situation where NoSQL database is ideal?
  • What are different strategies to optimize the database?
  • The use of databases in the CI/CD pipeline