My DevOps Story

Saniya Alekar

I first came across the term DevOps while I was working as a summer intern at CooperSurgical. I was assigned a project for which I was required to learn more about Docker and also use it. While I was doing my research and reading information related to Docker on various tutorial websites, I came across the term DevOps. I started to gather more information and I realized that the DevOps culture is something most orgranizations should adopt, if not all.


The main characteristics of DevOps and what I think sets it apart from other practices:

  1. Rapid Delivery
  2. Feedback
  3. Collaboration


DevOps: A simple explanation by ACADGILD

Primitive software engineering practices have become outdated as software has become an integral part of every single business. What I realized after reading about DevOps is that orgranizations using a DevOps model will do much better than those not using one.

I come across many interesting terms while reading articles on the internet and DevOps was one of such many terms. After some slight research on the internet, I didn't think about it until Professor Callahan mentioned that he planned to start a DevOps course in Spring 2018. I decided to register for the course almost instantly. Not only is this a new course at NYU, but it is one of the few DevOps courses offered by universities in the USA. I strongly feel this course is essential in all universities as adopting the DevOps cultures needs a change in mindset. With DevOps, the quality of services that businesses provide to customers will definitely increase.

By studying DevOps I hope to learn how to work on projects more efficiently and how to accelerate the process of product delivery by continously analyzing customer feedback and monitoring the system as a whole. I hope to learn more the DevOps culture and in the future hope to adopt the practice.

After attending every lecture, whether it was taught by Prof Callahan or a guest lecturer, I realize the importance of DevOps and how necessary it is to boost productivity among businesses. The DevOps course felt like a journey with meeting new people from the software industry, attending their presentations, discussing problems every week during class with teammates and other classmates and presenting our own progress in class. This is exactly what made the class particularly special. We learnt from our mistakes as we moved through the course which was a new and exciting experience. I hope this course becomes a permanent part of NYU's list of courses.