My DevOps Story

Bowei Xu

Team: User Interface

Write Up Book: The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Brief Introduction

My name is Bowei Xu and I am a graduate student pursuing Master degree of Computer Science in Tandon School of engineering. I am taking this course to learn about this popular software engineering culture and prepare for the future career. I am excited to learn about the history and motivation of this culture and what the benefits it could bring to our engineers. Also I would like to know the advantage and disadvantage compared to other engineering culture.

And I do look forward to the whole-class project for excising so we can experience how powerful DevOps could be in real-world development progress.

Class Journal

Week 2:
Choose a team and pick up a review book.

Week 3:
Our team discussed about the current UI and we create style sheets per person. And we discuss with the instructor about our achievement.

Week 4:
We build the Team page for our team to provide all information on it. We present our new UI to the whole class and get suggestion from customers. And we also start tesing and immigrating the styles into original one.

Week 5:
We have almost finish the migration of style sheet this week and start working on the web reconstruction. A common header and footer that would be included in all pages are in working process now.

Week 6:
We have finish the head, menu and subhead including files and the migration of the head part. Starting moving on to menu (nav bar) migration.

Week 6:
We have finish the head, menu and subhead including files and the migration of the head part. Starting moving on to menu (nav bar) migration.

Week 7:
The cutover has been tested and finished on most main page and the feedback is pretty good so far. We keep helping people who have trouble cutting over this week. Documenting our designs and implementation.

Week 8:
Finish up the documentation and discuss with instructor and teammates about next steps. Start going through the websites and adjust stylesheet for unification. Planning on the tasks of nav bar automatic generation and DevOps news update.

Week 9:
Working on unifying the style through the website and also adjusting the space to fix some arrangement problem. Working with teammate on the automatic generation of navbar. The major function is almost done and further adjustment and test is in process.

Week 10:
Adjust and settle down the sample input file for the automatic generation. And my teammate and I have finished a original version which is going to further test. Also, we have a news bar released on the home page. The communication is still in research. I have finished a general walk through of the book "Lean Software Development: an Agile Tookit" and start writing review in details.

Week 11:
Improve the original menu automatic generation with recursive generation that can handle menu with different levels. Also we add the feature that the title and collapsed title can be also hanlded automatically by adding them into the input menu. The new version has been tested with the OOP site and the result is pretty positive.

Week 12:
We finish the module and script for the menu auto generation and we have documented the design, implementation and sample input for it. The corner case test is still in process. I have reviewed the first two toolkits in the book "Lean Software Development: an Agile Tookit" and summarize them into a brief introduction.

Week 13:
We are keep testing and add corner case check to the menu generation modules. And we also keep update the style sheet to arrange the pages better. I have focused more on the book review and finished the introduction and three toolkits in the chapter 3 of the book "Lean Software Development: an Agile Tookit" related to how to make decisions.

Week 14:
For this week, we start reviewing previous work and documenting missing components to winding up what we have done this semester. Also I focus on the reviews of the rest book and modify previous part to be more clear and professional.

Week 14:
Finish up my book review part and check the reference part. Wipe up trello to catch up the process and update all related documentation. Do some review for the final.