My DevOps Story

Chaoqun Huang

Team: User Interface

Brief Introduction

I am a graduate student majored in Computer Science in NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I take this devops course to learn how the real world is developing real softwares. I spent most of my software developing in school, and before I graduate, I really want to have a glimpse of how people are developing softwares now, and why the ways of developing software is changing. I am excited to participating in this hands-on course to learn DevOps.

Week 1-2

During the first two weeks, I have leant some basic concepts in DevOps, including the history of DevOps, the reason why DevOps emerges, the lean developing and so on. The lectures have been very helpful to me, as these concepts are taught using examples and hands-on project.

Week 3-4

This week, our team has given a presentation to our class. Our presentation includes the work we have done to migrate our index page to a navgation-bar template, the changes we are about to have in the style sheet and some concepts in designing UX. We also gather feedbacks from our users.

Week 5-6

This week, our team has cut over to the new muem to the index page. We have changed the interface of the all devops page, including font, font color, font size, layout and so on.

Week 7-8

This week, our team have been working the news feed for the lonely index page :)

Week 9-10

This week, I have implemented a static news feed

Week 11-12

This week, integrate news feed to the devops website.

Week 13

This week, doing research on how to implemente the search bar in navgation

Week 14

This week, presented the search bar test

Week 15

This week, working on the makefile to include the devops news feed dynamic fetching

Week 16

This week, the fetch_news is deployed to the production. I added a new recipe in makefile, $make newsfeed will fetch the news feed from and add the links as well as the images to our website. I also work with the mypy team to add some annotations to to integrate with mypy.