My DevOps Story

Jatri Dave

In this course , I expect of gaining knowledge on how the whole software development process works. Getting more understanding on all the aspects of software development such as integration, testing, releasing to deployment ,  infrastructure management, workflow etc. 

Weekly Updates :

Week 1 and 2:
  • There were different teams such as coding, development, cloud, monitoring and many more. We were supposed to choose one of them and assigned tasks accordingly. I selected monitoring team. We will be using trello board to keep the track of our work.
Week 3 :
  • I learned about docker container and got to implement it myself. Also, I chose “The art of Monitoring” by James Turnbull for book review.
Week 4 :
  • Explored different monitoring tools such as Nagios, Zabbix, BigPanda, Google StackDriver, Amazon CloudWatch and many more. I have highlighted some of the important characteristics of them in Monitoring tools page. You can check that out here.
Week 5 :
  • Started book review and explored some more monitoring tools in order to implement on our website.
Week 6 :
  • Started working on implementing Google analytics on our website in order to track the website traffic and generated reports from the data.
Week 7 :
  • Spring break!
Week 8 :
  • Successfully implemented Google analytics for our website. Also added details for rest of the monitoring tools.
Week 9 :
  • Added Google analytics script on all the webpages of our website to track the viewcount. Added book review on “The Art of Monitoring”.
Week 10 :
  • Added details about how to implement google analytics on implementation page.
Week 11 :
  • Added book review on chapter 3 : The Art of Monitoring.
Week 12 :
  • Explored on how to implement google analytics real time graphs on our website.
Week 13 :
  • Started Book review on chapter 6 : The Art Of Monitoring.
Week 14 :
  • Implemented graphs on our website that are visible to only those users who posses an access to the tracked data.
    Completed Book review of The Art Of Monitoring for chapter 6 and 8.
Week 15 :
  • Testing out to implement dashboard of google analytics on our website. Completed Book review of The art of monitoring , chapter 10.