My DevOps Story

Akshay Hazare

By taking this class I expect to learn about the DevOps mindset, methodolies and practices.

I was introduced to DevOps as a part of my Summer Internship at Edu.Chat where I we used Jira to monitor and schedule our task (Kanban style). This lead me to investigate and explore the domain of DevOps. The ability of DevOps techniques to increase the efficiency of a team is what makes me believe that everyone should learn about it to maximize throughput.

What is DevOps? - In Simple English

DevOps is a philosophy of the efficient development, deployment and operation, of the highest quality software possible
Really grateful to Professor Callahan for making this one of a kind course available. By being a part of this course I hope to grasp concepts of it and to gain the abiltiy to apply them.

As part of the course I will be working in the Workflow Management Team.

My initial tasks include reviewing this Book:

By Dominica DeGrandis

Weekly Updates: