My DevOps Story

Janeil Patel

DevOps is not a goal but a ever-ending process of continual improvement - Jez Humble

It was during my summer internship at Akamai Technologies when I first heard about DevOps. Having never heard this term before, the inquisitive side of me quickly signed up for the DevOps Seminar. The seminar provided a high overview and explained why is there such a heavy demand for DevOps in todays world. Unfortunately, before I could dig a little bit deeper into this topic, my internship came to an end. One thing I learnt was that its about automation but later on going through videos online I learnt its way more than that. A short video further explains this :-

David Hayes explains why Devops is more than just automation

Getting back to school I foud out that the DevOps course was only offered to Courant students. Luckily our school came up with a DevOps course under Professor Callahan and I quickly enrolled in it. I expect the course to provide me the knowledge that will help me go into the corporate world as a DevOps Engineer.