My DevOps Story

Lili Xu

By studying DevOps, I am hoping to gain knowledge of the full developemnt cycle and cooperation. To have a deeper knowledage of efficiency improvement during software development. To have a better understanding of the work flow and communication.

Team: Coding

Write Up Book: Manifesto for Agile Software Development

About Lili


Hi, I'm Lili. A CS master student at NYU. In this course, I am in coding team and write a quiz app with django.

Weekly Update

Week 2

We finalized our team placements and the task to take. We plan to use django to implement our web server.

Django Offical Website

Week 3

We had a discussion with professor to have the basic datebase design diagram and application structure.

Database Schema Design

Week 4

We had a prelimary study of Django's design scope and organizing structure, and start a basic demo by following the official turtorial.

Writing your first Django app, part 1

During the Study, I learnt a lot from Django Design philosophies, it not only applies to Django, but also for agile development.

Key Points From Django Design Philosophies


  1. Loose coupling
  2. Less code
  3. Quick development
  4. No Repeating
  5. Explict over implict
  6. Consistency

Week 5

We had a prelimary study of Django's design scope and organizing structure, and start a basic demo by following the official turtorial.

Week 6

We also implemented the data model, and register the administration for the database. In django, the administration site is simple and easy to set up.

Django Admin Site (from

Week 7

We started our quiz application and added the mechanism to judge the answer.

Week 8

Spring break week. In this week I did serveral reviews for the book, I also did some investigation in Django View model and learnt that how to map the views with templates.

Week 9

In this week, I plan to complete the quiz basic app, which achieves all main function. User will be able to take quiz and get their score after submission.

Week 10

As discussed in class. This week we are going to implemnet quiz app work flow. As described by professor, it works as material - quiz - material - quiz ...

Database Schema Design

Week 11

This week we finished implementing the quiz app work flow. Now user will be able to review the material and take the quiz. The judge system will tell if the user pass or not.

Week 12

This week we fixed many problems related to the quiz work flow. We did some enhaucement to prevent the site from malicious attack or deliberate abuse.

Closed Issues

Week 13

In this week, we communicated with the cloud team, we dicusses a lot about the cloud database solution. At the same time, we make prepartaions for the book review presenation.

Week 14

This is the last week. In this week we made some minor fixes to the program, such as the code style correction. Code style is also important, according to PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code.

See PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code