My DevOps Story

Srinivas Piskala Ganesh Babu spg349

Throughout my path till here, I have been working across FullStackDevelopment, Security, QualityAssurance, Automation, Networks, Infrastructure or Framework development teams with a common attitude of "Continuous learning". Soon along my journey I realized the power of automation...

"Automation is Everything!"

Almost for any work on any teams, automation made life much easier and productive. It gave a huge sense of accomplishment (similar to what you get when developing a feature from scratch) while doing automation and looking at your bot do the job. I was fascinated by this particular Hacker who works as a build engineer automating anything that takes more than 90 seconds of his time.He even automated the coffee machine job so coffee was ready by the time he reached the machine from his desk - Article, GithubProject

The following is an image which looks cool from fingertec

Based on my perception, applying automation over the supply chain of a software product to make the construction easy, clean and productive is DevOps at a high level. Taking this course,I would like to dwell over different teams in SDLC especially deployment, explore different DevOps tools available, compare and build a project that would further iterate automation towards a single click operation.

Summary of planned tasks

* Book Review: The Unix Programming Environment

* Tool Research: Kubernetes, AWS Cloud Formation, SaltStack

Week Feb 22 Update:

* Participated in a DevOps NYC meetup - Deployment tool presentation and updated learnings in the tools page

* Went through the Kubernetes Webinar - Architecture 101 and updated learning in the tools page

* Book review: started with chapter1, possible summary of a chapter by next week

Week March 6 Update:

* Comparison study - Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, AWS Cloud formation

Week March 15 Update:

* Kubernetes Tool theory page and some Deployment theory

Week March 22 Update:

* Book Review: chapter 4 review and summary draft

Week April 5 Update:

* Kubernetes study, bring up a local setup with MiniKube and play

Week April 12 Update:

* Containerization of static web pages with static code vs dynamic updated code - dockerFile vs dockerCompose

Week April 19 Update:

* Deploy gcallah/devOps static website using kubernetes in the local environment

Week April 26 Update:

* Deployment using Docker Swarm and documentation

Week May 3 Update:

* Summarized the write-up for dockerSwarm and Kubernetes

* Created slides and prepared for a presentation

* Included all the configuration and scripts in the repo

Week May 10 Update:

* Finalized the kubernetes and dockerSwarm write-up

* Book review - Unix Programming Environment


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