My DevOps Story

Tingjun Zhang

Team: Coding

Write Up Article: No Silver Bullet

About Tingjun Zhang

Hello there, this is Tingjun Zhang. A CS master student from NYU. I take this course to get a hands-on experience of real-world development. I am more interested in backend development so I joined in the coding group. I am familiar with Java and nodeJS. This time I will try Django.

Normally, we just create some simple and naive demo projects in the class. But this time, we will create a real-world project during this semester. Exciting!

Brief introduction of the book in book review section.

Weekly Update

Week 3
  • Settle down team placement
Week 4
  • Have a discussion about Classes API, prepare a TODO list and get start working.
Week 5
  • Implement url validator for html checker while waiting for further instructions about Classes API.
Week 6
  • Push url validator to production. Working on Django solution to push slack post request to Classes.
Week 7
  • Have confirmed that integration with Classes is temporarily undoable.
  • Found bugs in html_checker. A few accessible urls got unexpected warnings. Working on fixing it.
Week 8
  • Spring Break.
Week 9
  • Fix bugs for url_checker.
  • Add flags features for html_checker. Re-organize codes for html_checker a bit.
Week 10
  • Push url_checker to production.
  • Adding tag checking function in html_checker.
Week 11
  • Fix url_checker bugs and develop img tag check function.
Week 12
  • Make url_checker a seperate program. Keep working on img and tag check function.
Week 13
  • Remove flags in url_checker, finish the img and tag checking. Modify to solve utils synchronization problem.
Week 14
  • Add unit tests for html_checker codes. Add tag checking function for html_checker.
Week 15
  • Continue working on unit tests for html_checker codes. Modify tag checking function for html_checker.
Week 16
  • Update documents for html_checker and url_checker.