My DevOps Story

Datta D

About Me:

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  • Expected Outcome of this course:

    My internship experience at Amazon has taught me about how important 'operations' are to a team. Amazon emphasizes a lot of importance on operations, any small changes observed in the critical parameters of a service is fixed immediately. At Amazon, the development and maintenance of services is done by the same team. By doing so we could deliver the deliverables quickly and maintain the services in a good state.
    I was thrilled when I knew that Prof. Callahan introduced 'DevOps' course in Spring 2018. I immediately enrolled in it hoping to extend my knowledge on DevOps. Now, I feel excited to develop a website "To Learn DevOps" by learning and implementing DevOps. The idea of developing the website is a great idea as it emphasizes that DevOps is not a tool but a way of working and I am looking forward to learn that!

    Weekly Updates:

    Week 1 (Feb 1st - 7th):
    • Started my journal and selected a book to review.
    Week 2 (Feb 8th - 14th):
    • Completely read a book on kanban
      Book Link (on Amazon): Kanban
    Week 3 (Feb 15th - Feb 21st):
    • Started writing a theory page on Kanban.
    Week 4 (Feb 22ndth - Feb 28th):
    Week 5 (Feb 28th - Mar 10th):
    • Made few changes in interfaces of my journal page, review book and theory pages.
    • Finished reviewing Chapter 1 & 2 of my review book.
    Week 6 (Mar 11th - Mar 21st):

    Spring Recess

    Week 7 (Mar 22nd - Mar 28th):
    Week 8 (Mar 29th - Apr 4th):
    • Finished Reviewing Chapter 3 of my review book
    • Started Reviewing Chapter 4 of my review book
    • Started working on Trello API:
      Implemented Feature 1: To send a mail to the professor regarding inactive trello cards in any of our Trello boards
      Started working on Feature 2: To send out an email alert to the professor whenever any card hits Testing list.
    Week 9 (Apr 5th - Apr 11th):
    • Finished Implementing Feature 2: To send out an email alert to the professor whenever any card hits Testing list.
    • Started Reviewing Chapter 4 and 5 of my review book.
    Week 10 (Apr 12th - Apr 18th):
    Week 11 (Apr 19th - Apr 25th):
    • Added necessary details into my book review regarding citing the image sources and putting referenced text in quotes.
    • Added necessary implementation steps to run my trelloapi custom notifications scripts.
    • Completed writing a page about using Trello API for basic tasks.
      Link: How to use Trello API
    • Added a flag in feature 2 of Trello Custom Notifications, so that a mail will be sent only when there is anything to convey (does not send an empty mail with all the names of the boards).
    Week 12 (Apr 26th - May 3rd):
    • Modified feature 2 of the Trello Custom Notification, so that professor will receive an email everyday and not after every hour.
    • Made necessary changes in the documentations.
    Week 13 (May 4th - May 10th):